Areas of Interest

The workshop aims to discuss the social implications of pervasive technology used to support or facilitate a number of multi-disciplinary areas for sustainable living, including (but not limited to):

-          Energy Consumption, Management and Generation
-          Personal Health Care and Wellbeing
-          Education, Learning and Games
-          Life-Logging and Tracking of Objects
-          Architecture, Urban Design and Transport
-          Nature, Rural and Urban Lifestyles
-          Domestic, Communal and Organisational aspects
-          Work and Recreational Activities
-          Governance, Justice and Accountability
-          Trust and Privacy
-          Information Accuracy and Dependability

Within these areas, the workshop also invites papers which adopt different approaches and outcomes, including:

-          Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks/Models
-          Guidelines, Design Principles and Lessons Learnt
-          Social, Legal and Ethical Considerations
-          Completed Projects, Works-in-progress and First Steps
-          System Assessment and Evaluation
-          Experimental Design
-          Ethnographic Observations/Studies
-          Position and Review Papers

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